Handy Acres Farm

Our Rates Have Changed!

1 hr lesson/ $55

30 min lesson/ $30

Packages Available:

1 hr Lessons: 1 Month - $200

(if there is a fifth day in the month, that lesson is free!)

30 Min Lessons: 1 Month $100

(same as above)

Here at Handy Acres, the lesson program is designed to ensure safety and improvement for riders of all ages . We strive to promote a fun and safe environment with specific goals of the rider in mind. Whether you are looking to go on leisurely trail rides, jump courses, or cut a barrel, we are here to turn you into a rider, not a passenger.


Our curriculum includes opportunities for beginner to advanced disciplines. With access to an indoor and lighted outdoor arena, we can adjust to almost any schedule and provide individual or group lessons. Our in-depth lessons allow riders to become comfortable handling horses on the ground, as well as in the saddle. Lesson students are taught to get their horse from the field or stall, groom, and tack prior to riding. In the saddle, students will gain knowledge, comfort, and confidence in a family-friendly environment. Our lesson program is continuously growing and we'd love to have you as part of our team!

Call us today to schedule your lesson:

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